Niko Is - Good Blood

(Orlando, Florida March 3rd, 2014) – After creating a strong buzz in a short period of time with the release of two critically acclaimed mix tapes, NIKO IS continues to refine his craft and is ready for prime time. This summer will see NIKO IS partnering with Javotti Media to release his first full length album, Brutus. In order to get the world properly prepared for this opus, today will see the release of the video for Ballon d’OR from NIKO IS third free mixtape, Good Blood. This project will initially be hosted at rapgenius.com and can also be downloaded at NIKO IS’ website, nikoismusic.com. It will be available for streaming at djbooth.net as well. For those fans who have been following NIKO IS’ rise from local Orlando MC to international mover and shaker, these new opportunities have been a long time coming and are overdue. For those not familiar with the repertoire of this brilliant artist, get ready to be pleasantly surprised and amazed.

1. ONDA (prod. NIKO IS)
2. INCOGNIKO (prod. Thanks Joey)
3. GREEN TOMATO COUPE (prod. Thanks Joey)
4. BALLON D’OR (prod. Thanks Joey)
5. THE CRAVINGS (prod. Thanks Joey)
6. GUMBO (prod. Thanks Joey)
7. THE EAST SIDE OF THE BRIDGE (prod. Thanks Joey)
8. TITO CRACK THAT DUTCH (prod. Thanks Joey)
9. BET THE HOUSE /// TOM WAITS FOR NO MAN (prod. Thanks Joey)
10. FLOSS (prod. KRIKOS)
11. THE GENEROUS ONES (prod. Thanks Joey)
12. 2CENTS (prod. Thanks Joey)


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