Niko Is - Brutus (CD)


Brazilian born, Orlando-based hip-hop artist, NIKO IS, readies his debut album, Brutus, courtesy of Talib Kweli’s Javotti Media. All production credits on the album are attributed to NIKO’s longtime collaborator, Thanks Joey.

This is NIKO’s third body of work, following two mixtapes he released independently with the support of Javotti Media. While recording his previous projects, Chill Cosby and Good Blood, NIKO simultaneously worked on Brutus.

1. Cherry Beamer Dreaming
2. Keys to the Kingdom
3. Bye Bye Donnie Brasco
4. Carmen ft. Talib Kweli
5. Nobody's Watching
6. Thinking Of
7. Private Room
8. Bubba ft. CyHi the Prynce
9. Vamoose
10. Tahiti Hawaii
11. Saturday in BK
12. We Know ft. Kool A.D.
13. All She Wrote


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