Jessica Care Moore - Black Tea: The Legend Of Jessi James (LP)

Album Release Date: Oct. 2nd, 2015. All Pre-Orders Will Be Shipped Then. 
Track Listing 
"Black Tea" track list
1. Intro to Jessi James - Produced By Jessica Care Moore
2. Walking Up 158th St -  Featuring. Alicia Renee aka Blue eyes produced By Jon Dixon
3. Pieces - Featuring Ideeyah  produced By Jon Dixon 
4. Deep Breath - Featuring One Belo produced By Jon Dixon
5. You Want Poems - featuring Jose James and Roy Ayers  produced By Jon Dixon
6. Poem Before The End Of The World - Featuring Alicia Renee aka Blue eyes. Produced by Kenny Watson
7. It Ain't Like We Don’t -  Produced By Paris James Featuring Paris James
8. I Catch The Rain - Featuring ursula rucker and Imani Uzuri Produced By Sean Blackman
9. Wild Irish Rose - Featuring Ideeyah Produced by Jessica Care Moore
10. Catch Me If You Can - Featuring Talib Kweli Produced by Brady Watt and Decap
11. Balance - Featuring Ideeyah  produced By Jon Dixon
12. This Is A Bus With Wings - produced By Jon Dixon


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