Katrina Chanel - The Karma of Yes (Paperback)

The Karma of Yes

Sometimes saying yes has consequences above and beyond our control.  No one ever takes the time to decipher the many ways that one small yes can positively, or in some cases negatively impact their life.  The Karma of Yes gives a chilling view of this phenomena as seen through the eyes of Katrina Chanel, a woman equipped with an armory full of prophetic promises that somehow transcend into empty dreams. As she tries to evade the consequences of her choices, she finds that she cannot hide from the ghosts of her past.   From celebrations of life to witnessing the fragility that lies therein, Katrina learns the importance of loving oneself and truly letting go of the things that she can longer control. As she comes to terms with being single mother, she embarks on a quest to find inner peace despite the odds that are stacked against her. Battling enemies on every side, she wrestles to find her faith which requires her to venture into uncharted territories.  As she navigates her way through the tangled web she has woven, she finds herself gasping for air when the very hands that led her back to Christ become the strongholds that she cannot seem to escape. When Katrina finally finds the courage to give up on the idea of finding true happiness after what appears to be infinite darkness, she is found by love, loyalty, and her spirit is awakened by the opportunity to say yes once again. It is not until her mother suddenly falls ill that she is faced with yet another choice of a lifetime but this time she stands to lose more than she could ever gain. 


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