Awful People Are Great At Parties

Awful People Are Great At Parties is a collection of songs recorded by the Javotti Media family and friends. It is curated by myself, Talib Kweli, and is intended to give you a snapshot of our lives in this music business. This industry is full of awful people, but they sure can be great at parties! One love, keep rocking.

1. Drunken Eyes - (prod by 6th Sense) ft Talib Kweli Chazmere, Cory Mo & Mela Machinko
2. Trabajo - (prod by J Rhodes and Sir Tim) ft NIKO IS, Talib Kweli & K'Valentine
3. City Girls- (prod by Cory Mo) ft Big Gipp, Attitude & Scotty ATL
4. Smoke Somethin- (prod by Phil 4 Real) ft Talib Kweli & NIKO IS
5. Wait- (prod by Hi Tek) ft Space Invadaz
6. And Repeat- (prod by Thanks Joey) ft Talib Kweli & Chazmere
7. Delusional- (prod by Kaytranada) ft K’Valentine
8. Tamahmgiso- (prod by Thanks Joey) ft Chazmere & NIKO IS
9. Every Ghetto Part 2- (prod by Nottz) ft Talib Kweli, Aloe Blacc & Problem
10 Massive Funk - (Produced by J Dilla) by Space Invadaz ft Piakhan
11. Getting Better- (prod by Thanks Joey) ft NIKO IS & Bizzy Crook
12. All About you - ( produced by Thaddeus Dixon.) Thaddeus Dixon ft Timothy Bloom and Talib Kweli


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