Taye Uhuru - Afro Set Black Nationalist Party for Self Defense (paperback)

The Afro Set is a detailed account of the rise and fall of the largest Black Nationalist organization founded in CLEVELAND, Ohio. This group set up community patrols to stop police brutality, prostitution, pimps , gangs and drug dealers. Men, women and children in the Afro Set engaged in military drills with rifles, sticks and machetes. The organization also opened a theater , nursery, drug rehabilitation clinic and several shops not only in the city of Cleveland but Columbus,Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia. They put on Afrocentric musical performances, drills, poetry readings, plays and fashion shows. Inside of the shops, classes were provided on Swahili, drug awareness, Black history, art  and more. Members of the Afro Set designed and sold Afrocentric clothes , paintings , pottery, and jewelry. The Afro Set was involved in a number of major events and protests including the infamous Glenville Rebellion of 1968. On July 23, 1968, close to 15 Cleveland police officers were wounded and 4 died during a shootout with Black Nationalist. 


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