K'Valentine - "Here For A Reason" (Digital)

K'Valentine "Here For A Reason"


TRACK LIST - K’Valentine - Here For a Reason


2. SHE feat. Nirè • Produced by Dope Boi

3. ATLANTA• Produced by Lexi Banks

3. THAT'S REAL feat. BJ the Chicago Kid  • Produced by J lbs

4. Foreplay feat. Scotty ATL  • Produced by Maurice "Mobetta" Brown
5. FAMILY  • Produced by Dave West

6. US feat. Talib Kweli • Produced by Dope Boi

7. LOUDEST WHISPER feat. Kendra Ross ● Produced by Thanks Joey
8. HANDS HIGH • Produced by Thanks Joey
9. TOO MUCH • Produced by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson & Trilogy for Platinum Boy Music Inc.
10. KING feat. Tweet • Produced by C-sick
11. HIGHER POWER  • Produced Lexi Banks
12. AWARD SHOWS  • Produced by Lexi Banks


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