Sanford Greene - The Wonders of an HBCU

This graphic novel exemplifies the “HBCU Experience” from #theBESTofBC students. Nine very talented Benedict College Art students contributed to this novel in which eight individualized and personal stories - based on real campus life experiences - are sequenced through text and illustrations. Some scripts are humorous, while some are thrillers, and some are even sad. All provide a moral at the end of each story. The students worked under the art direction of Sanford Greene, an alumnus of Benedict College, current artist in residence, and internationally acclaimed sequential artist.  Sanford Greene has worked professionally in comic illustration and related industries for over 18 years, including work for such as Marvel, SONY, Warner Brothers, Disney, and Image Comics. He is currently working on the highly popular animated film “ Across The Sider-Verse and also developing for his co created, multi award winning graphic novel series “Bitter Root”. An action/dark fantasy that takes place during the Harlem Renaissance. Soon to be developed into a film, directed by Regina King.


Professor Sanford Greene is helping the students cross the finish line thanks to his comic book expertise.

For one if you’re familiar with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse than you’ve seen his work.

“Being able to take my experiences and implement that into the curriculum here on campus was something that was never done before. And I think that’s the part that was so enjoyable seeing them be able to implement their stories in sequential arts,” says Professor Sanford Greene, Benedict College.

After two years the graphic novel is now ready to be released.

“The genre of heroism is fantastic storytelling. It’s something that is very prevalent right now in pop culture,” says Greene.

Professor Greene says the vision is to create several volumes with other students in the future.


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